1. God's Power 
  2. Unrepented sins cause illness in your body
  3. More Afraid of Unforgiveness Than a Sack of Rattlesnakes Part 1
  4. Thurman Scrivner - DEBT PAID OFF
  5. How To Get A Lost Person Saved

Free PDF Downloads

Scriptures used in Katlynn's Miracle

Printable list of Bible scriptures used in the supernatural healing of Katlynn (Pastor Scrivner's granddaughter)

Healing Scriptures

List of Bible scriptures Pastor Scrivner uses the most on

You Possess What You Confess

List of confessions from the Word of God that will change your possessions

Supernatural Blank Check Scriptures

Printable list of faith promises from the infallible Word of God

How to get a Lost Person Saved

Printable list of Bible scriptures and instruction on How to get Someone Saved that Satan has Bound.

Masonry Documentation

Printable document related to Freemasonry, and how their beliefs and practices compare to the Word of God.

Prayer for Those in Authority

Printable document related to praying for our leaders as directed from the Word of God.

God is Sovereign Scriptures

Printable document listing 21 pages of Scriptures about God's Sovereignty

Confessions of Blessing NLT

Printable document listing personal confessions of blessing directly from the NLT scriptures

Jimmy Davidson Confession

Printable document containing the daily confession of 97 year old Jimmy Davidson. He has spoken this confession every morning 9,000+ times in his life! He never had a sick day until 88 years old! He repented & has never had a sick day since! He drives his own car to Colorado at night!