Three Unclean Spirits

I found some really neat things. El-bar means God the Son (in the Trinity) and the three angels messages have been changed into 3 unclean frogs 

God has sent an important message with 3 angels. But Satan has sent 3 frogs to intercept the message and deceive the world. Your task is to help the angels send the message.  

I saw another angel flying in heaven having an everlasting gospel to preach to the earth.   Revelation 14: 6 
I saw three unclean spirits like frogs ...   Revelation 16: 13  

El-Bar: [Hebrew] "God the Son", name under which Ninus aka Nimrod was worshipped in Babylon. Under this very name Berosus, the Chaldean Historian, names El-bar second in the list of Babylonian sovereigns. Also in Ninevah he was known under this name. In Egypt he was known as simply Bar. Bar meaning "son"; El meaning "God". In Chaldean this becomes Ala-Bar; Greek becomes Ala-Par. 

According to Bochart, the frog is characterized, as a symbol:

(1) for its rough, harsh, coarse voice;

(2) on this account, as a symbol of complaining or reproaching;

(3) as a symbol of empty loquacity;

(4) as a symbol of heretics and philosophers, as understood by Augustine;

(5) because the frog has its origin in mud, and lives in mud, as a symbol of those who are born in sin, and live in pollution;

(6) because the frog endures all changes of the season cold and heat, summer, winter, rain, frost - as a symbol of monks who practice self-denial;

(7) because the frog though abstemious of food, yet lives in water and drinks often, as a symbol of drunkards;

(8) as a symbol of impudence;

(9) because the frog swells his size, and distends his cheeks, as a symbol of pride.