Receive Your Inheritance - Your Crown of Favor

Joel Osteen


Aired on Sunday, Feb 13, 2011 (2/13/2011) at 07:00 AM



00:00:01You may feel inadequate but god calls you well able.
00:00:05Now get in agreement with god.
00:00:06The circumstances may not look like it; may tell you it's never going to work out.
00:00:12It's never going to get better.
00:00:13No, let god be true and every circumstance be a lie.
00:00:17You've got to dig your heels in and say, "god, if you say it, I agree.
00:00:22I'm blessed. I'm prosperous.
00:00:24I'm redeemed. I'm forgiven.
00:00:25I'm talented. I'm creative.
00:00:28I've got that crown of favor " when you agree with god, you will see what god says about you become a reality.
00:00:36Twenty years later when abraham was around a hundred years old, that's when they had the baby.
00:00:43But it didn't happen just because god said it, it happened because abraham came into agreement.
00:00:50He believed.
00:00:51He acted like it was true.
00:00:52That's what allows god to release the blessings that already have your name on it.
00:00:59The scripture talks about how god has blessings stored up that he keeps ready for those that love him.
00:01:08For some of you, god has a business stored up with your name on it.
00:01:12That's a part of your inheritance.
00:01:14For some of you, there's a spouse that has your name on them.
00:01:18Some of you, there's healing with your name on it.
00:01:20There's a new home with your name on it.
00:01:23There's promotion with your name on it.
00:01:25There's a ministry with your name on it.
00:01:27There's vindication with your name on it.
00:01:29You have no idea the amazing things god has already stored up for you in your future.
00:01:37I can imagine when we get to heaven there are these huge warehouses.
00:01:41You walk in and see acres and acres of boxes upon shelves.
00:01:46Everywhere you look, as far as you can see, there are rows and rows of boxes.
00:01:51You walk over closer and notice that each box has an individual name on it.
00:01:57Out of curiosity, you say to st.
00:02:00Peter, "what are all these " peter says, these are all the unclaimed blessings that god's people never camele " there's a box of favor.
00:02:10It has bill's name on it.
00:02:13It belonged to him; part of his inheritance but he never believed.
00:02:18Never came by and got it.
00:02:19There's a box of forgiveness that has sharon's name on it.
00:02:22But she never received it.
00:02:24She went through life guilty, condemned, feeling unworthy.
00:02:28And see that box, that's the business carlos dreamed about but he never thought he had what it took.
00:02:35And that box is the promotion that julie wanted but she let her friends talk her out of it.
00:02:40That box represents the husband that debra was praying about but she gave up.
00:02:44Friends, there are boxes right now that have your name on it.
00:02:47The good news is it's not too late to claim what belongs to you.
00:02:55I was talking to a young couple after the service last week and they'd been trying to have a baby for a long time.
00:03:01They were very discouraged.
00:03:02And I told them what I'm telling you.
00:03:05There's a baby that has your name on it.
00:03:07That's a part of your inheritance.
00:03:10Here's the key: Instead of complaining, instead of getting discouraged, remind god what he said.
00:03:15Remind god of what's in the will.
00:03:18"God, you said in psalms, you would give the barren woman a child and make her the happy " "god, you said the fruit " "father, you said children are a gift from the lord.
00:03:32So I want to thank you that that baby that already has my name " some of you, there's vindication in your warehouse.
00:03:40That legal trouble you're in; it looks like it's never going to work out; it looks like it's going to bury you.
00:03:47No, don't quit believing.
00:03:48"Father, you said the strength of the wicked is being cut off and the power of the godly is " "lord, you said when the enemy comes against me one way, you would defeat them and cause them to flee seven ways.
00:04:02So father, I want to thank you that the vindication that already has my name on it is " how about this: For some of you in that warehouse is the husband, the wife you've been dreaming to meet.
00:04:14Don't give up.
00:04:15Don't quit believing.
00:04:16"Father, you said, "he that finds a wife finds a good thing and finds favor from the lord.
00:04:22So lord, I want to thank you that my good thing- that husband, that wife-the right person is coming " now you say, "joel, I don't know if this works.
00:04:31I've been believing a long time.
00:04:34No, when you're tempted to get discouraged and give up, close your eyes and in your imagination, see that warehouse with those boxes that have your name

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