Essential Oil Combinations for Health

These are some of the combos I use all the time. 

Antibiotic Bomb
12 drops Thieves oil
6 drops of Oregano oil
2 drops of Frankincense
Place in veggie cap and top off with carrier oil. I like Coconut oil Take every 4 hours for 3 days then 1 every 8 hours for 4 days. 

Cold/Flu Bomb 
4 drops Lemon
4 drops Thieves
3 Oregano
2 Frankincense
4 drops carrier oil
Place all in veggie cap take 2 times a day with a meal and a glass of water. 
Note:  For children multiply the recipe and put into an empty Young living oil bottle add roller ball attachment and apply to the bottoms of their feet. Don't forget to diffuse. 

Fever Buster Roll-on
Place the following in a 10 ml rollerball. 
20 drops Lemon
20 drops Thieves
20 drops Peppermint
Top off with carrier oil ( I use organic fractionated coconut oil or organic grape seed oil)
Roll oil on bottom of feet, down spine and in arm pits. 

Cough Syrup
Add the following oils to a tsp of honey
1 drop lemon
1 drop of orange
1 drop peppermint
1 drop frankincense
Take as need for cough. 

Immune Booster in a Roller Ball 
Place the following in a 10 ml roller ball. 
20 drops Thieves
20 drops Oregano
20 drops Melalueca A ( tea tree)
Top with carrier oil and roll on feet every night. 
Note:  Dilute for kids ( 10 drops of each then top off with carrier oil)

Allergy Buster 
Place the following in a 10 ml rollerball. 
20 drops Lavender
20 drops Peppermint
20 drops lemon
Top off bottle with carrier oil. Put on back of neck behind ears and bridge of nose. 

Weight Loss Trio. ( I use this one everyday)
Place into capsule 
3 drops Peppermint
3 drops lemon
3 drops grapefruit
I also add the following optional oils
2 drops Cinnamon Bark oil (metabolism)
2 drops Ocotea oil ( Thyroid)
Top off with carrier oil. 
Take 1 capsule  in the morning and 1 in the evening. 

Pain Cream
10 drops Panaway
10 drops Peppermint
10 drops Valor II
5 drops Copaiba
Mix into 1/4 cup organic coconut oil. Apply pain cream directly to pain areas and also try applying to the bottom of the feet.   Use as needed for pain. 

Pain Bomb
Place filling oils in veggie capsule. And top off with carrier oil ( organic olive oil ore grape seed oil or fractionated coconut oil are the oils that I use you)
5 drops Frankincense 
5 drops Copaiba
5 drops Idaho Balsam Fir
Take every 3 hours or as needed for pain.