Grandin's Lil' Black River Cafe - Better Call 1-573-593-4023 to make reservations today!

How could Grandin, Misssouri end up with a quaint lil' Cafe restaurant where reservations have to be made just to get a seat on Thursday, Friday and Saturday evenings? Could it be for the live entertainment they have or is it the great food Chef Allen magics up for you? 

Chef Allen and his wife Valerie's dream of providing great food and live entertainment at a good price has become a reality - right here in our neck of the woods! The motto "Do what you love and the money will follow" has worked for Chef Allen. Of course, with lots of hard work, years of experience and mostly by word of mouth, Chef Allen Porter and his wife Valerie are seeing their dream become a reality.

At Lil' Black River Cafe, when you order surf and turf, you really get seafood for the "surf" instead of catfish! A local doctor was overheard saying he could "order just the potato cakes for a meal" they were so good. Chef Allen and his wife are very friendly and really care about making each person happy, from the little one's to those with disabilities - they even have a wheelchair ramp up into their picturesque Cafe. They cater to all the picky eaters too! Want something special? Just ask. Chef Allen aims to please. Vegetarians and vegans can feel right at home.

This place has a sophisticated menu, while still very casual. Chef Allen likes to change up the menu and offer specials all the time. But Chef Allen always has New York Strip Steaks, Ribeye, grilled Salmon & Shrimp, Chilean Sea Bass, and Mahi Mahi - tried this in Hawaii and it is to die for. Once you eat Chilean Sea Bass and Mahi Mahi you don't go back to Catfish easily! Various specials keep you coming back for more, like prime rib, prime rib sandwiches, Coconut shrimp, open faced hot beef plate, river bread, spinach dip, smoked chicken, vodka dijon chicken, fried catfish, best baked potatoes ever, crab cakes are made from real crab - not imitation! Excellent food, and Chef Allen has his own on-site bakery, offering freshly baked bread, cakes, pies, cookies and sweets. Salad dressings are one of his many specialties. He does not own a microwave - so you can guess - he really knows how to cook!

Chef Allen makes the best breakfast around for miles!  Be hungry because they have huge portions. Starting at 8am Wednesday through Saturday, and 10am on Sunday. Coffee, hot chocolate, orange juice. Bring your friends and enjoy good food at a great price. Farm breakfast...bacon, eggs, fried potatoes and a biscuit. The French toast is also delicious! Did I mention, they bake their own bread?

Two of my youngest children went with me to try out this resturant we've been hearing so many great stories about - and they both wrote a little about their experience too. Mikaela Haynes (age 11) said "I would like to tell you about my experience at the Lil' Black River Cafe in Grandin, Mo. The food was amazing, it melted inside of my mouth. The people were so nice. The Chef even came up and asked us if everything was alright. And everyone was very friendly. The setting was very nice. The rock walls are from the late 1800's. It is very organized, clean and beautiful inside. Almost all of their food is homemade, and it's all delicious." And six year old Sara Mae Haynes had this to say about it: "Lil Black Cafe had nice colorful pictures on the rock wall. I especially like the bicycle above the door." She drew pictures of everything she liked.

Chef Allen's Lil' Black River Cafe hours are: Wednesday 8am til 3pm, Thursday 8am til 7pm, Friday and Saturday 8am till 8pm and Sunday 10am til 3pm. Breakfast until 11, lunch until 4pm. The special is available on Sunday from 10am til 3pm. Definately a place to take your significant other for a pleasant evening of good food, conversation and homey atmosphere. They have a beautiful deck overlooking the Little Black River. Better call to make reservations if you want to be sure to get a seat Thursday, Friday and Saturday evenings at 573-593-4023. Highway 21 in Grandin, Missouri. Don't miss out on this wonderful breakfast, brunch, lunch and dinner experience! The restaurant attracts a regular clientele from a wide radius, and as their fame spreads, they will only get more popular. We are certainly telling OUR friends!