indecisiveness is the emotional counterpart to gingivitis or pyoindecisiveness is the emotional counterpart to gingivitis or pyorrhearrhea


When I lived in Tempe, Arizona, 20 years ago, I met a couple of women who had pyorrhea. One lady was told that she needed to have all her teeth removed and was scheduled for surgery in two weeks. She was in her early 40s and desperate to save her teeth when she came to the herb section at Gentle Strength Coop where I was working. I instructed her to drink a tea made from equal parts of white oak bark, taheebo and lemon grass, telling her to drink large quantities of this tea in place of water. She was also instructed to put powdered white oak bark in between her gums and teeth each night before going to bed, keeping it in her mouth all night. She also decided to buy some 4 oz. bottles of concentrated taheebo extract to add an extra measure of surety. Needless to say, when she went to her dentist, he cancelled the surgery since there was no longer any sign of pyorrhea and her gums were totally healed.

My other friend did the same routine and had the same success story. With both women I mentioned that indecisiveness is the emotional counterpart to gingivitis or pyorrhea. Both women admitted that this was an issue in their lives and worked to clear this up, one of the women getting a divorce from an abusive husband and father of her two young boys.

Superior to Toothpaste

The following tooth powder has saved many people’s mouths from excessive dental work:

Tooth Powder

Mix together the following ingredients –

3 parts white oak bark powder

6 parts comfrey root powder

1 part powdered cloves

3 parts peppermint powder

½ part lobelia powder

3 parts horsetail/shavegrass powder


Toothaches are caused by an infection. Kill the infection and attract blood flow to the area with a remedy that is pretty tough to take, but it works amazingly well! Take a pinch of cayenne, a few drops of clove oil, a crushed clove of garlic, and some oil of oregano, and mush and mix it all together. Apply directly to the pain, and smear around it as well. Breathe through your mouth and hold it as long as you can, but no more than 5 minutes. It’s painful, but not nearly as painful as a bad toothache, and it will provide immediate relief. Do this three times a day and your toothache will be a thing of the past.