How to Commune With GOD

When praying, don't give God instructions - just report for duty. "Lord, what wilt thou have me to do?" Acts 9:6.

We must plead with the Lord, like the disciples of old, saying, “Lord, teach us to pray.

We know not what results a day, an hour, or a moment may determine, and never should we begin the day without committing our ways to our heavenly Father.... When unconsciously we are in danger of exerting a wrong influence, the angels will be by our side, prompting us to a better course, choosing our words for us, and influencing our actions. Thus our influence may be a silent, unconscious, but mighty power in drawing others to Christ and the heavenly world.—Christ’s Object Lessons, 340-342.

“Angels of God, that excel in strength, are WAITING FOR US to call them to our aid, that our faith may not be eclipsed by the fierceness of the conflict." 1 Selected Messages p. 196.

Pray: “Lord, take my heart; for I cannot give it. It is Thy property. Keep it pure, for I cannot keep it for Thee. Save me in spite of myself, my weak, unchristlike self. Mold me, fashion me, raise me into a pure and holy atmosphere, where the rich current of Thy love can flow through my soul" Christ’s Object Lessons, p. 159.3.

Pray: “Lord, help me to do my best. Teach me how to do better work. Give me energy and cheerfulness. Help me to bring into my service the loving ministry of the Saviour” The Ministry of Healing, p. 474.

Pray: “Take me, O Lord, as wholly Thine. I lay all my plans at Thy feet. Use me today in Thy service. Abide with me, and let all my work be wrought in Thee” Steps to Christ, p. 70.1.

All who are under the training of God need the quiet hour for communion with their own hearts, with nature, and with God. In them is to be revealed a life that is not in harmony with the world, its customs, or its practices; and they need to have a personal experience in obtaining a knowledge of the will (firm determination - our daily choices/habits) of God. We must individually hear Him speaking to the heart. When every other voice is hushed, and in quietness we wait before Him, the silence of the soul makes more distinct the voice of God. {MH 58.3}

"WE WANT THE HOLY SPIRIT, WHICH IS JESUS CHRIST.” {Lt66-1894 (April 10, 1894) par. 18} - EGW

"Christ is to be known by the blessed name of Comforter.” {Ms7-1902 (January 26, 1902) par. 10} - EGW

"JEHOVAH, OUR FATHER, AND HIS SON JESUS CHRIST ARE ALONE TO BE EXALTED. The knowledge of God is eternal life to those who receive it. His holy banner is to stand elevated above all the greatness of the greatest men, above all the honor and glory of the world.” {Ms11-1898 (June 29, 1898) par. 11} - EGW

The lapse of time has wrought no change in Christ's parting promise to send the Holy Spirit as His representative. It is not because of any restriction on the part of God that the riches of His grace do not flow earthward to men. If the fulfillment of the promise is not seen as it might be, it is because the promise is not appreciated as it should be. If all were willing, all would be filled with the Spirit. Wherever the need of the Holy Spirit is a matter little thought of, there is seen spiritual drought, spiritual darkness, spiritual declension and death. Whenever minor matters occupy the attention, the divine power which is necessary for the growth and prosperity of the church, and which would bring all other blessings in its train, is lacking, though offered in infinite plenitude. {AA 50.1}

 These examples of human steadfastness bear witness to the faithfulness of God's promises--of His abiding presence and sustaining grace. They testify to the power of faith to withstand the powers of the world. It is the work of faith to rest in God in the darkest hour, to feel, however sorely tried and tempest-tossed, that our Father is at the helm. The eye of faith alone can look beyond the things of time to estimate aright the worth of the eternal riches. Jesus does not present to His followers the hope of attaining earthly glory and riches, of living a life free from trial. Instead He calls upon them to follow Him in the path of self-denial and reproach. He who came to redeem the world was opposed by the united forces of evil. In an unpitying confederacy, evil men and evil angels arrayed themselves against the Prince of Peace. His every word and act revealed divine compassion, and His unlikeness to the world provoked the bitterest hostility. So it will be with all who will live godly in Christ Jesus. Persecution and reproach await all who are imbued with the Spirit of Christ. {AA 576.1}

 "The season of distress and anguish before us will require a faith that can endure weariness, delay, and hunger--a faith that will not faint though severely tried. The period of probation is granted to all to prepare for that time. Jacob prevailed because he was persevering and determined. His victory is an evidence of the power of importunate prayer. All who will lay hold of God's promises, as he did, and be as earnest and persevering as he was, will succeed as he succeeded. Those who are unwilling to deny self, to agonize before God, to pray long and earnestly for His blessing, will not obtain it. Wrestling with God--how few know what it is! How few have ever had their souls drawn out after God with intensity of desire until every power is on the stretch. When waves of despair which no language can express sweep over the suppliant, how few cling with unyielding faith to the promises of God. 
 {GC 621.2}  

     Those who exercise but little faith now, are in the greatest danger of falling under the power of satanic delusions and the decree to compel the conscience. And even if they endure the test they will be plunged into deeper distress and anguish in the time of trouble, because they have never made it a habit to trust in God. The lessons of faith which they have neglected they will be forced to learn under a terrible pressure of discouragement.  {GC 622.1}  

     We should now acquaint ourselves with God by proving His promises. Angels record every prayer that is earnest and sincere. We should rather dispense with selfish gratifications than neglect communion with God. The deepest poverty, the greatest self-denial, with His approval, is better than riches, honors, ease, and friendship without it. We must take time to pray. If we allow our minds to be absorbed by worldly interests, the Lord may give us time by removing from us our idols of gold, of houses, or of fertile lands.  {GC 622.2}  

"We are living in a time when every true Christian must maintain a living connection with God. The world is flooded with sophistries of the enemy, and we are safe only as we learn lessons of truth from the Great Teacher. The solemn work in which we are engaged demands of us a strong, united effort under divine leadership. 

(485.1) The Lord desires His workers to counsel together, not to move independently. Those who are set as ministers and guides to the people should pray much when they meet together. This will give wonderful help and courage, binding heart to heart and soul to soul, leading every man to unity and peace and strength in his endeavors. 

(485.2) Our strength lies in taking our burdens to the great Burden Bearer. God confers honor on those who come to Him and ask Him for help, in faith believing that they will receive. 

(485.3) Human help is feeble. But we may unite in seeking help and favor from Him who has said, "Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you." Divine power is infallible. Then let us come to God, pleading for the guidance of His Holy Spirit. Let our united prayers ascend to the throne of grace. Let our requests be mingled with praise and thanksgiving." {TM485}

“Say, I come to present myself to God in the name of him who has died for me. I give my heart to Jesus, and I desire his blessing and his Spirit;" and the power (character=thoughts and feelings) of God will come upon you” ST FEB. 22, 1892.

"Say, I have done as Thou hast said. I present Thy Promise, "Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you"  Christ’s Object Lessons, p. 147.2.

  • Romans 4:17 - 22: - “calleth those things which be not as though they were." By faith Abraham obeyed (a verb of action on Abraham’s part) God’s call to leave his idolatrous family and go to a land unseen and unknown to him. 

  • When WE LEARN THE POWER OF HIS WORD/promises - we will obey and trust God completely. We will obey fully because KNOWING that obedience to God gives us safety in these last days. Matthew 10:28, Luke 12:4

“The Savior's life on earth was a life of communion with nature and with GodIn this communion He revealed for us the secret 
of a life of power. {Ministry of Healing, 51.1} 

"As a man He supplicated the throne of God, till His humanity was charged with a Heavenly current that should connect humanity with divinity. Through continual communion He received life from God that he might impart life to the world. His experience is to be ours."  DA 363

"It is those who, with love for God and their fellow men, are striving to help others, that become established, strengthened, settled, in the truth." The true Christian ChS 106.Testimonies for the Church Volume 5, p. 393.2

"The strongest man is he, who, while sensitive to abusewill yet restrain passion and forgive his enemies." MYP 412.1

Prayer is the channel of communication between our souls and God. God speaks to us through His word; we respond to Him through our prayers, and He always listens to us. We cannot weary or burden Him by our frequent heart to heart communications.

We have come to serious times. Events in our world call upon every follower of Christ to be totally in earnest in our relationship with God. To strengthen this relationship and satisfy our emotional and spiritual needs, we must learn the power of prayer. We must plead with the Lord, like the disciples of old, saying, “Lord, teach us to pray.”

That God is willing and ready to hear and to respond to our heartfelt prayers under all circumstances is profoundly reassuring. He is a loving Father who is interested both when things are going well and when the vicissitudes of life deal us devastating, tough, and terrible blows. When we feel like crying out, “God, where are You?” It is good to know that He is just a prayer away.

One writer has said, “More things are wrought by prayer than this world dreams of.” 

 “A revival of true Godliness among us is the greatest and most urgent of all our needs. To seek this should be our first work” (Selected Messages 1:121). 

God will do things for us when we pray that He will not do if we do not pray (The Great Controversy, 525). 

“Our Heavenly Father waits to bestow upon us the fullness of His blessing. It is our privilege to drink largely at the fountain of boundless love. What a wonder it is that we pray so little. God is ready and willing to hear the sincere prayer of the humblest of His children.... Why should the sons and daughters of God be reluctant to pray, when prayer is the key in the hand of faith to unlock heaven’s storehouse where are treasured the boundless resources of omnipotence?” (Steps to Christ, 94, 95).

Satan's refusal to be corrected...

  The heavenly councils admonished Lucifer to change his course. The Son of God warned and entreated him not to venture thus to dishonor his Maker, and bring ruin upon himself. But instead of yielding, Satan represented to those who loved him, that he had been wrongly judged, that his dignity was not respected, and that his liberty was to be abridged.  {4SP 317.2}  

     That Christ should regard him as needing to be corrected, and should presume to take the position of a superior, aroused in him a spirit of resistance, and he charged the Son of God with a design to humble him before the angels. By misrepresentation of the words of Christ, by prevarication and direct falsehood, Satan secured the sympathy of the angels under his control, and they united with him in revolt against Heaven's authority.  {4SP 318.1}
     To the last, he refused to acknowledge his own course to be deserving of censure. When the consequence of his disaffection became apparent, and it was decreed that with all his sympathizers he must be forever banished from the abode of bliss, the arch-deceiver threw the blame wholly upon Christ. With one accord, Satan and his hosts declared that had they not been reproved, the rebellion would never have occurred, thus making Christ responsible for their course. Thus stubborn and defiant in their disloyalty, seeking vainly to overthrow the government of God, yet blasphemously claiming to be themselves the innocent victims of oppressive power, the arch-rebel and all his sympathizers were at last banished from Heaven.  {4SP 318.2}  

     The rebellion in Heaven was prompted by the same spirit which inspires rebellion on earth.Satan has continued with men the same policy which he pursued with the angels. His spirit now reigns in the children of disobedience. There is a constant hatred of reproof, and a disposition to rebel against it. When God sends to wrong-doers a message of warning or correction, Satan leads them to justify themselves, and to seek the sympathy of others. Instead of changing their wrong course, they manifest great indignation against the reprover, as if he were the sole cause of difficulty. From the days of righteous Abel to our own time, such is the spirit which has been displayed toward those who dare to condemn sin.  {4SP 318.3}