HAS Adventism derailed and become ONE with the Papacy?

Lamb Like Beast

"The world must not be introduced into the church. And married to the church, forming a bond of unity Through this means the church will become indeed CORRUPT AND AS STATED IN Revelation, a cage of every unclean and hateful bird. TM 265

No greater delusion can deceive the human mind than that which leads men to indulge a self-confident spirit, to believe that they are right and in the light, when they are drawing away from 

God's people, and their cherished light is darkness. Testimony Treasures Volume 1, p. 109

"The gift of God is eternal life on condition of entire obedience.
" RH July 31, 1900, par. 3

"God will be satisfied with nothing short of perfection, of perfect and entire obedience." Testimonies for the Church Volume 1, p. 416.1

How Perfectly Does Satan Control Seventh-day Adventists?

Postby Eugene Shubert » Sat Apr 18, 2009 8:18 pm

Ellen G. White warned Seventh-day Adventists that if they permitted Satan unlimited control of the church it would cause a delay in Christ's Second Coming:

"If the power of Satan can come into the very temple of God and manipulate things as he pleases, the time of preparation will be prolonged." — Letter 83, 1896.

The proclamation of the gospel, through the church, which is to hasten Christ's return, has been thwarted. How much power does Satan exercise within the Seventh-day Adventist church? Here's a thoughtful video, which I interpret as a perfect representation of the incredible control and fun that Satan and his agents have with Seventh-day Adventist sheeple.


Yes indeed. That is the Seventh-day Adventist church. Most Seventh-day Adventists are sheeple. 

Re: How Perfectly Does Satan Control Seventh-day Adventists?

Postby Eugene Shubert » Sun Jul 25, 2010 1:22 pm

To get a reasonable estimate on the question, "How perfectly does Satan control Seventh-day Adventists?" let's first consider what the Spirit of prophecy states about the religious leaders and rabble of Christ's day:

O, that the Jewish people had recognized Christ as the true light which lighteth every man that cometh into the world! But Satan had determined that if he could not overthrow the Prince of Life, he would so blind the eyes of the nation that they would reject the Saviour. God had worked in majesty and power to make of Israel a chosen nation, a royal priesthood, that they might show forth the light of His truth. They had been exalted to heaven by their privileges. This people Satan determined to use as his agents in quenching all heaven-sent light. ST, August 15, 1900 par. 5. 
He succeeded in gaining the Jewish teachers to his side. While the light in the temple court was causing joy and gladness among the worshipers the hearts of the Pharisees were filled with bitterness and murder. They were under the control of Satan. ST, August 15, 1900 par. 6.

With a great show of prudence the rabbis had warned the people against receiving the new doctrines taught by this new teacher; for His theories and practices were contrary to the teachings of the fathers. The people gave credence to what the priests and Pharisees taught, in place of seeking to understand the word of God for themselves. They honored the priests and rulers instead of honoring God, and rejected the truth that they might keep their own traditions. Many had been impressed and almost persuaded; but they did not act upon their convictions, and were not reckoned on the side of Christ. Satan presented his temptations, until the light appeared as darkness. Thus many rejected the truth that would have proved the saving of the soul.DA 489.4.

Satan was constantly afflicting the Son of God and creating prejudice in the minds of people. Not only were Christ’s doctrines and teachings perverted, misinterpreted, and wrested from their true meaning, but falsehoods followed Him everywhere. The misrepresentations that the chief priests, Pharisees, and Sadducees poured into the ears of the people appealed to the worst passions of adulterers, fornicators, and the dishonest, exciting a burning prejudice that made it almost impossible for Him to live upon the earth for even three and a half years after His public ministry began. CTr 29.3.

Why, then, Christ has said, should those who bear the truth of God to the world be discouraged and fainthearted? “If the world hate you, ye know that it hated me before it hated you.” Ye “are not of the world, even as I am not of the world.” They will “revile you, and persecute you, and . . . say all manner of evil against you falsely, for my sake.” “Yea, the time cometh, that whosoever killeth you will think that he doeth God service. And these things will they do unto you, because they have not known the Father, nor me.” CTr 29.4.

Satan’s malignity reached its height when the Lord of Glory was crucified, and we may expect in our day that human hearts will be open to prejudice and to the falsehoods, wicked misrepresentations, and slander of those who love this kind of satanic work. It is a wisdom from beneath. It is hell-born, and its results will be as in Christ’s day.—Manuscript 55, 1886. CTr 29.5.

"I know you," Christ declared to the Pharisees, "that ye have not the love of God in you." He spoke to them thus plainly because they could not discern His divinity under the veil of humanity. He was God in human flesh, and He could not but work the works of God. Unbelief, prejudice, and jealousy beat about Him, and if His humanity had not been united with divinity, He would have failed and become discouraged. At times His divinity flashed through humanity, and He stood forth as the Son of God, His veil of flesh too transparent to hide His majesty. But the men who claimed to be the expositors of the prophecies refused to believe that He was the Christ. Satan had control of their minds, and they utterly refused to acknowledge the divinity of Jesus of Nazareth. RH, March 26, 1901 par. 12.

The teachers of the people in the time of Christ were fully satisfied with themselves. They held counsels and strengthened one another in their ideas and opinions, and Satan was in their assemblies controlling their decisions. They strove to make the people afraid of hearing the words of Christ. They threatened to turn those who would heed his doctrine out of the synagogue, and this was regarded by the people as the greatest curse that could fall upon them. ST, May 26, 1890 par. 9.

Christ ever rebuked the Pharisees for their self-righteousness. They extolled themselves. They came forth from their religious services, not humbled with a sense of their own weakness, not feeling gratitude for the great privileges that God had given them. They were exalted to heaven in point of opportunity, in having the Scriptures, in knowing the true God, but their hearts were not filled with thankfulness to God for his great goodness toward them. They came forth filled with spiritual pride, and their theme was self--"myself, my feelings, my knowledge, my ways." Their own attainments became the standard by which they measured others. Putting on the robes of self-dignity, they mounted the judgment seat to criticise and to condemn. But no human being has been authorized of God to do this work. It is the very essence of Phariseeism. It is gathering about the soul the very shadows of darkness so that the light of life cannot penetrate the darkness. Satan deluded the Jews with a natural or legal religion, which was full of selfishness and hypocrisy, and thus were light and knowledge perverted; but this exalting of self, this self-righteousness, is nothing short of deception and self-destruction. Jesus said to Nicodemus, "Ye must be born again." ST, December 17, 1894 par. 1.

During Christ's life on earth the scribes and Pharisees, instigated by Satan, tempted him in every possible way. But he never allowed these temptations to lead him from the path of obedience. When God speaks, let us obey, no matter how the enemy may tempt us to disobey; for the path of obedience is the only safe path. ST, May 27, 1897 par. 13.

Christ's words were spoken with a quiet dignity and with an assurance and power that sent conviction to the hearts of the scribes and Pharisees. They felt the power of the message sent from heaven. God was knocking at the door of their hearts, entreating entrance. But they refused to listen. By their persistent rejection of warnings and invitations they caused Him to abandon them to their blindness and its results. Satan was working with all his power to secure them in his cause, and under his control they developed a stubbornness which brought upon them their ruin. ST, August 29, 1900 par. 16.

As Christ redoubled his efforts, manifesting his love in works of mercy, in pouring a flood of light upon a sin-stricken world, because the Pharisees could not controvert his doctrine, they threatened, hunted, and persecuted the Son of God. The people rejoiced in the wonderful works that Christ was doing; but the Pharisees, under the training and discipline of Satan, were so blinded that they charged Christ with casting out devils through the prince of devils. What a terrible pass for men to come to who profess to be the children of God! Those who begin to criticise and judge others know not to what lengths they will be led.ST, December 17, 1894 par. 3. 

Then they questioned again, "What did He to thee? how opened He thine eyes?" With many words they tried to confuse him, so that he might think himself deluded. Satan and his evil angels were on the side of the Pharisees, and united their energies and subtlety with man's reasoning in order to counteract the influence of Christ. They blunted the convictions that were deepening in many minds. Angels of God were also on the ground to strengthen the man who had had his sight restored. DA 473.4.

Satan with his angels, in human form, was present at the cross. The archfiend and his hosts were co-operating with the priests and rulers. The teachers of the people had stimulated the ignorant mob to pronounce judgment against One upon whom many of them had never looked, until urged to bear testimony against Him. Priests, rulers, Pharisees, and the hardened rabble were confederated together in a satanic frenzy. Religious rulers united with Satan and his angels. They were doing his bidding. DA 746.4. 

The message of salvation is communicated to men through human agencies. But the Jews had sought to make a monopoly of the truth which is eternal life. They had hoarded the living manna, and it had turned to corruption. The religion which they tried to shut up to themselves became an offense. They robbed God of His glory, and defrauded the world by a counterfeit of the gospel. They had refused to surrender themselves to God for the salvation of the world, and they became agents of Satan for its destruction. DA 36.1.

The people whom God had called to be the pillar and ground of the truth had become representatives of Satan. DA 36.2.

Consider the Parallels
According to Ellen G. White, Seventh-day Adventists resemble the Jews of the first century in terms of mindset and experience.


This is the Seventh-day Adventist Experience

Thus the Spirit of prophecy has been fulfilled:

"In His Word the Lord declared what He would do for Israel if they would obey His voice. But the leaders of the people yielded to the temptations of Satan, and God could not give them the blessings He designed them to have, because they did not obey His voice but listened to the voice and policy of Lucifer. This experience will be repeated in the last years of the history of the people of God, who have been established by His grace and power. Men whom He has greatly honored will in the closing scenes of this earth's history pattern after ancient Israel." Manuscript Releases, vol. 13, 379.

Principles of Strictest Integrity

"As the end draws near, the work of God is to increase in full strength and purity and holiness. The workers are to be filled with love for God and for one another. They are to cherish principles of the strictest integrity. When the true keynote is struck, God will reveal himself as a God of mercy and love." THE COLPORTEUR EVANGELIST, PAGE 69

"It is essential to our eternal well-being to know more of God; for love to God depends on a conception of His goodness. His excellence, and a knowledge of His will. It requires an appreciation of His character. His law is the transcript of His character, and this law He calls upon us to obey. God calls for an entire surrender of the entire being. “Thou shalt have no other gods before Me,” is the first great command, and upon this command depends all the rest. This is the substance of all obedience. Let those who profess to be Christians remember that profession will not save them. The life which Christ alone can give is given upon condition of obedience, an obedience which takes in the whole man,—mind, heart, soul, and strength. This is true sanctification. “This do, and thou shalt live,” is the only genuine definition of sanctification." ST August 2, 1899, par. 2

"God would in no wise excuse sin in a people who had been enlightened, even if He had, in their days of faithfulness and purity, loved them, and given them especial promises. These promises and blessings were always upon condition of obedience upon their part." Spirit of Prophecy, vol 2, p 54.

"They were taught that the popes and priests were Christ’s representatives, when in fact they were the representatives of Satan, and those who bowed to them worshiped Satan." Early Writings, p. 214.1, Spiritual Gifts. Volume 1, p. 108.2.

"I saw that the two-horned beast had a dragon's mouth, and that his power was in his head, and that the decree would go out of his mouth. Then I saw the Mother of Harlots; that the mother (Papacy) was not the daughters, but separate and distinct from them. She (the Papacy) has had her day, and it is past, and her daughters, the Protestant sects, were the next to come on the stage and act out the same mind that the mother (Papacy) had when she persecuted the saints. I saw that as the mother has been declining in power the daughters had been growing and soon they will exercise the power once exercised by the mother." E.G. White, Spalding-Meagan Collection, "Copy of Three Visitors."

"I saw that as the mother has been declining in power the daughters had been growing and soon they will exercise the power once exercised by the mother." Spalding and Magan Collection, p. 1.4

Obviously the Enemy wants us to focus in one direction while he attacks from another. While we trace the Papacy's every move, the real danger lurks behind us, waiting to snag our unwary souls into his honed craws.

SDA's Pope

The Seventh-day Adventist General Conference president has not only placed himself in a position of supreme authority over our people, which belongs to Christ alone, but he is also ascribing to himself a title which belongs to Christ alone (see Great Controversy, p 51). Hence, the General Conference president is literally making himself and claiming to be a god over all the SDA church membership! This is no different from the pope--who claims himself to be the "supreme pastor" and god over all the Roman Catholic membership (see Vatican Council II, p 426).

"...the Church's First Minister [president of the General Conference]...Elder Robert H. Pierson is the President of [the] General Conference and, as such the first minister of the Seventh-day Adventist Church." EEOC vs PPPA, Civil Case #74-2025 CBR, p 17, 45.

General Conference president Robert H. Pierson agrees:

"...the leadership of the church, including myself as its first minister for the time being..." EEOC vs PPPA, Civil Case #74-2025 CBR (November 30, 1974).

GC president--Robert Folkenberg--tries to mislead all SDA members:

"Through all the growing pains [of SDA church growth and organization], and particularly at the 1903 General Conference Session, the Spirit of Prophecy gave practical guidance. The result is the worldwide church structure of today." We Still Believe, by Robert S. Folkenberg, p 100.

South Pacific Division president Walter Scragg said in the following 1990 article:

"Many church members would say that the power in the Seventh-day Adventist Church resides with the president...He has authority to decide and act....he does have considerable power....

"He's the spiritual leader of the community of faith....He's shepherd, guardian, guide and captain." Record, June 23, 1990, p 4.

Ellen White gave ample warnings that the spirit of popery had come into the Seventh-day Adventist church and that this antichrist spirit in our church was prevalent and increasing:

  • "There is prevalent a spirit that seeks the mastery over others." TM 260.

  • "The spirit of domination is extending to the presidents of our conferences." TM 362.

  • "The spirit of antichrist is developing rapidly." Manuscript Releases Volume Twenty [Nos. 1420-1500], p. 176.1, The Upward Look, p. 293.3

  • "The matter is becoming serious, for warnings and entreaties have been given in vain. The arms of power in Battle Creek are being extended more and more widely, seeking to control the work far and near, and to crush that which they cannot control. I lift my voice in protest. The spirit that now controls is not the Spirit of the Lord." 8T 150. Testimonies for the Church Volume 8, p. 150.3

  • "Special instruction has been given me for God’s people, for perilous times are upon us. In the world, destruction and violence are increasing. In the church, man power is gaining the ascendancy; those who have been chosen to occupy positions of trust think it their prerogative to rule." 9T 270.

  • "We shall have to make a decided choice either to be under Satan’s rule, or under the rule of Him whom John saw while on the isle of Patmos, who ‘hath prepared his throne in the heavens,’ and whose ‘kingdom ruleth over all.’ " RH, Feb. 7, 1893.

The rise of popery in the Adventist church is the fulfillment of prophecy.

That night I dreamed that I was in Battle Creek looking out from the side glass at the door and saw a company marching up to the house, two and two. They looked stern and determined. I knew them well and turned to open the parlor door to receive them, but thought I would look again. The scene was changed. The company now presented the appearance of a Catholic procession. One bore in his hand a cross, another a reed. And as they approached, the one carrying a reed made a circle around the house, saying three times: "This house is proscribed. The goods must be confiscated. They have spoken against our holy order." Terror seized me, and I ran through the house, out of the north door, and found myself in the midst of a company, some of whom I knew, but I dared not speak a word to them for fear of being betrayed. I tried to seek a retired spot where I might weep and pray without meeting eager, inquisitive eyes wherever I turned. I repeated frequently: "If I could only understand this! If they will tell me what I have said or what I have done!"

I wept and prayed much as I saw our goods confiscated. I tried to read sympathy or pity for me in the looks of those around me, and marked the countenances of several whom I thought would speak to me and comfort me if they did not fear that they would be observed by others. I made one attempt to escape from the crowd, but seeing that I was watched, I concealed my intentions. I commenced weeping aloud, and saying: "If they would only tell me what I have done or what I have said!" My husband, who was sleeping in a bed in the same room, heard me weeping aloud and awoke me. My pillow was wet with tears, and a sad depression of spirits was upon me. —Testimonies for the Church, Vol. 1, p. 578.

There is much more to the dream than its immediate context (Testimonies for the Church, Vol. 1, pp. 569-612). The dream is prophetic. Prophecy has come true! It is now a crime for true and authentic Seventh-day Adventists (like Ellen G. White) to say the smallest and most inoffensive thing against "the holy order." Did you notice the sheepishness and timidity of the sheeple in the dream?

Today, Satan has such perfect control of the Seventh-day Adventist hierarchy that even the enemies of truth laugh at the blindness of SDA leaders for being so devoid of the Spirit of God that Adventism's best and brightest can't see how they themselves have adopted medieval popery. [28].

"I love my job as Conference President. All I do is kiss the ring of everyone in positions above me and appoint ring-kissers to every position below me." [29].

Are Seventh-day Adventists using Satan's methods?
The Seventh-day Adventist Threat to Religious Liberty
Threats, Intimidation and the Kingdom of God
Are Seventh-Day Adventists Aiding In Satan's Determined Purpose to Exalt Popery?
The Presumption of Popery
There was A Council Among the gods
The Accord between the Pope and The Seventh-day Adventist Church
The Fuehrerprinzip of the Seventh-day Adventist Church

 Two notable yet unquestionably contemptible Adventist papists are David Koot and David J. Conklin.

This is why Neal C. Wilson declared (after officially adopting the Catholic trinity  doctrine in 1980) before the entire SDA church that:

"...there is another universal and truly catholic organization, the Seventh-day Adventist Church." Adventist Review, March 5, 1981, p 3.

Sister White Clearly said:
"The people were wholly deceived. They were taught that the popes and priests were Christ's representatives, when in fact they were the representatives of Satan, and those who bowed to them worshipped Satan."Early Writings, p 214.

The Apostasy of the SDA Church
"Concerning Babylon, the symbol of the apostate church, He says to His ministers of judgment,
"Her sins have reached unto heaven, and God hath remembered her iniquities.
Reward her even as she rewarded you, and double unto her double according to her works:
in the cup which she hath filled fill to her double." Rev. 18:5, 6. - Christ's Object Lessons 178.4

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Palestinians proposed giving Temple Mount to the Pope
The PA In Ramallah told the US it is willing to give the Old City of Jerusalem to a proposed joint committee to administer the Temple Mount.

The Pope is longing to set up his throne on the Temple Mount, and gains support from Islam. These wicked men are in agreement. - read full article

Daniel 11:45:

"He will pitch his royal tents between the seas at the beautiful holy mountain. Yet he will come to his end, and no one will help him."

Between the Black sea and the Mediterranean (literally) and (Spiritually) between the seas of people....

"And he shall plant the tabernacles of his palace between the seas in the glorious holy mountain; yet he shall come to his end, and none shall help him."

January 25, 2011

Palestinians proposed giving Temple Mount to the Pope

The PA In Ramallah told the US it is willing to give the Old City of Jerusalem to a proposed joint committee to administer the Temple Mount.

The Pope is longing to set up his throne on the Temple Mount, and gains support from Islam. These wicked men are in agreement.

Wikileaks have done it again. Displayed double standards, and the true motives of the “peace makers” in the Middle East.

The battle is not for justice and democracy. The battle is for the control of Mount Zion, the very site of the two Jewish temples in Jerusalem.  The man who soon will sit there will be worshiped as God, the Father Jesus addressed as the“Holy Father“. But the man on the Temple Mount, will be a fake, and a very powerful deceiver. Millions will worship this man of lawlessness.

This is what the Israeli Daily Haaretz write on the latest catch of “secret documents”.

The documents also reveal that the Palestinian negotiators, in an effort to move forward on the hyper-sensitive issue of the holy sites in the Old City of Jerusalem, proposed a joint committee to administer the Temple Mount.

The offers were made in 2008, in the wake of the Annapolis conference, and were privately hailed by chief Palestinian negotiator Saeb Erekat as giving Israel “the biggest Yerushalayim [the Hebrew name for Jerusalem] in history.”

The PA In Ramallah is on the pay role of the US and the Papacy. They are not interested in grabbing land in East Jerusalem, for any other purpose than bringing the head of the One World religion back to his former throne in East Jerusalem. The Bishop of Rome ruled in Jerusalem from 1090 A.D to 1291. A.D.

Palestinian negotiators secretly agreed to concede almost all Jewish areas of East Jerusalem to Israel, the Guardian newspaper and Al-Jazeera TV reported on Saturday.

As many as 1,600 Palestinian documents on peace talks with Israel, obtained by Al Jazeera TV and given to the Guardian, covering more than a decade of exchanges, provide a unique look into the breakdown of the peace process.

The biggest leak of confidential documents in the history of the conflict has revealed that Palestinian negotiators secretly agreed to accept Israel’s annexation of all but one of the neighborhoods, Har Homa, built in East Jerusalem.

Source: Israeli Daily Haaretz.