God wants His People to be Healthy!

The Creator's Diet for Us

"[T]he food which God gave Adam in his sinless state is the best for man's use as he seeks to regain that sinless state." Those who seriously want to be translated alive to meet Jesus in the air at His coming will make their best efforts to return to the Creator's diet. Ibid., page 460.

"Whether therefore ye eat, or drink, or whatsoever ye do, do all to the glory of God." Corinthians 10:31.

You can enjoy whole-food vegan recipes here.

These WLC recipes adhere to the principles explained in Heaven's Healing. We encourage you to read Heaven's Healing so that you can create your own health-giving recipes and transform your old favorites into healthier ones.

We avoid the use of all refined sugars and refined carbohydrates. We also avoid using free fats including all commercial vegetable oils.

To understand why we do not use baking soda, black pepper, vinegar and many other common food ingredients we encourage you to refer to Counsels on Diet and Foods.

Beans  (4 recipes)
Noone will be able to look at beans with disdain after trying some of these recipes.
Breads  (4 recipes)
Nothing possesses the delicious and inviting aroma like bread baking in the oven. A good loaf of home-made bread is a meal on its own.
Breakfast  (2 recipes)
With a little preparation, breakfast can be the best meal of the day if you choose to make it so.
Condiments  (2 recipes)
These tiny additions can add a lot to your meals.
Desserts  (16 recipes)
Mouth-watering, indulgent yet guilt-free wholesome treats. Most of which are a 'piece of cake' to make.
Drinks  (2 recipes)
Beverages can be cool and refreshing or warm and soothing.
Grains and Rice  (2 recipes)
Grains are fantastically versatile staple foods and whole-grains are packed with the nutrition and fiber your body craves.
Pasta  (1 recipes)
Pasta pleases just about everyone. When preparing your meals go for the whole-grain pastas.
Potato  (4 recipes)
Believe it or not there are yummier and better ways to eat the potato in your chip.
Ridiculously Easy  (4 recipes)
These recipes are ideal meals for busy times.
Salads  (6 recipes)
Forget the limp lettuce leaves and dull veggies. You have full creative license to put together a salad with the right ingredients so that its a meal in itself.
Soups  (7 recipes)
These mood-altering soups are better than staying in bed on the coldest day in winter.
Vegan 'Dairy'  (7 recipes)

If you thought nothing could replace the taste of dairy, think again. Vegan "cheeses" are appetizing alternatives that abound in variety.

Vegan 'Meat'  (5 recipes)
Who doesn't love the heartiness of meat. Many of these recipes can be served to a meat-eating friends and family without them missing the 'meat factor' in any way.
Veggies  (1 recipes)
Who ever thought that traditional meat dishes are not more delicious when taken meatless.