Crushed Raw Garlic vs. Garlic Pills

Crushed raw garlic versus garlic pills and oils

Crushed raw garlic (CRG) and garlic water made from it both kill staph on contact; all staph, including MRSA and is the first line of defense in limiting the spread of MRSA. Staph, including MRSA cannot become immune to CRG because of the way it works. 

CRG is the most effective weapon against staph because it can be combined with water and applied in many creative ways to bring its antibiotic power to where the infection is. If the infection is in the colon, garlic water can be administered as an enema while lying on the left side to kill staph in the colon. 

You can soak in a bathtub of warm garlic water for a couple of hours and let it seep in through the skin. Not only does it kill any bacteria on the skin but the skin becomes one big transdermal application medium for delivering garlic into the body where it can enter the capillaries and even the lymphatic system and maybe do a little good before the bodies own defenses dismantles the garlic and uses it components to strengthen the immune system. 

Even the fumes kill and a way to get garlic into the nasal passages and sinuses is to hold some crushed garlic up close to your nares and breathe the fumes in. You can breathe the fumes in deeply to get them into the throat and lungs. A person can use a hair drier on cool to blow fumes onto open sores. 

You really don’t get much allicin by eating raw garlic because saliva neutralizes some of the allicin created by chewing the garlic and as it reaches the stomach the stomach, acid neutralizes it the rest of the way so that little or no allicin enters the duodenum that way. A well designed and manufactured garlic pill will have an enteric coating so that it doesn’t dissolve until it gets to the duodenum. 

Generally speaking, garlic pills and oils do not kill staph on contact because they rarely come into contact with the staph and if they do, the allicin may have long since been converted to other things. They are usually beneficial indirectly in terms of limiting the spread of staph somewhat by building up the immune system so it can better defend itself. 

Allicin is volatile and doesn’t last long in the human body before being converted into polysulfides, including diallyl disulfide. The lymphatic system turns this disulfide into new antibodies, which are held together by a disulfide chemical bond. Having more antibodies allows your immune system to have more ammunition to fight off diseases. 

Taking allicin based garlic pills and eating garlic that has been crushed and cooked both result in lots of polysulfides that build the immune system. While the polysulfides do have some antibiotic properties, they are nowhere near as potent as allicin when it comes to killing staph. 

In short, garlic pills and oils are secondary, indirect weapons in a war where the real killing is done by crushed raw garlic and garlic water made from it.

How exactly do you make the garlic water?

And how much garlic water should be used in the bathtub, to make sure the skin doesn't get burned?

You might do a 'patch test' on skin before submerging in bath. If skin shows irritation don't bathe in it. Also there should be consideration concerning allergies, and medication contraindications. The burning sensation diminishes and goes away as soon as you introduce an amount of water equal or greater than the volume of garlic but the antibacterial activity is still very high.

Raw garlics vary greatly in garlickiness and pungency (hotness)from variety to variety and also for each kind, the more time passes after harvest, the stronger the garlic gets and they store from six months to a year at room temp if locally grown. Dosages are meaningless since garlic is so variable but generally the hotter the garlic the more allicin it will create when crushed. Clove size also makes a difference. 

When I had food poisoning I used five medium size cloves of a mild, mellow garlic with only a little pungency and achieved excellent results and felt amazingly good for over a week afterward.

If I had MRSA I would find a good hot garlic and crush the entire head of it and just let it set for an hour in the bathroom before putting it into a freshly poured tub of comfortable water and soak thoroughly for a couple of hours even fully immersing, hair and all at times. 

Only natural garlic will work, irradiated garlic will not work.

There are ways to tell dead irradiated garlic from good living garlic. Cut a clove vertically down the middle and lay the two halves open. If there are some tiny light-greenish leaves in the center, it is good healthy garlic. If it is empty and brownish in the center, it has been irradiated and is dead. When eaten raw, irradiated garlic has garlickiness but no pungency (hotness). 

In the worst case, no actual harm is done, unless a person is allergic to garlic, in which case they shouldn't touch garlic at all. 

Using garlic water isn't something I've learned from someone, it's what I have surmised after reviewing so many scholarly studies. After a while, it just jumps right out at you - Crushed raw garlic in water kills all staph with which it comes into contact and staph cannot become immune to it. If true, that should be good news for a lot of people.

There are numerous studies over the last 50 years showing aqueous extracts of raw garlic to have great antibiotic power, even over strains that had developed immunity but nobody ever put together two and two and figured out that it would work with ordinary garlic and ordinary water. 

If you decide to try it, please let us know if you had any noticeable positive effects from it. 

If people have the kinds of experiences I think they're going to have a lot of people are going to start liking the smell of garlic because they will recognize it an ally in a serious war. 

While soaking in a tub of warm garlic water allicin will diffuse into the areas under the epidermis all around the body. 

Quote -
And why do I take garlic capsules with high concentration of allicin and an enteric coating?

Lois - 

Good question. The enteric coating supposedly keeps the pill from dissolving in the stomach and the4 pill stays together until it gets into the higher Ph of the small intestine where it is supposed to dissolve and most of them do. The allicin they release is promptly set upon by intestinal juices that break it down and absorb it through the walls of the intestine. 

This begins the breakdown of the allicin (diallyl thiosulfinate)into the allyl polysulfides that wind up doing most of garlic's work in the body. The allicin is highly reactive and doesn't last long in its original form but is broken down and spread around. 

If the pill you took is any good, you will have secondary garlic odor emanating from lungs and pores four to six hours. If you don't get much odor, you didn't get much allicin because the body breaks allicin down into a number of metabolites, including allyl mercaptan, the smell component.

Some of the allicin gets absorbed into the lymphatic system where it is broken down into its constituent compounds and used to strengthen the immune system and also fights tumors and any MRSA that it may encounter in its journey. 

Garlic pills build up the immune system and help rebuild the body because the disulfide is used by the body to make antibodies, protein, etc. - many things are held together by a disulfide chemical bond and garlic provides the disulfide. 

Garlic pills are immune-enhancing but actually secondary in the battle against MRSA as the real combat is handled by the allicin that you can get into direct contact with the staph cells. The best ways to do that are usually garlic water for many things and breathing in garlic fumes whenever the ear-nose-throat-lungs are involved.

If one isn't allergic, the worst thing that can happen is you will smell funny for a few days. At best, it's a dirt cheap but effective treatment - not that there's anything wrong with that.

The key here is the ingenuity one uses in finding novel ways to get either the fumes or the garlic water into contact with the bacterial cells. The fact is that crushed raw garlic kills bacteria, including staph and staph cannot become immune to it. How use use those simple facts to wage the war against your own MRSA is up to you - and your doctor but after you finish reading all my articles you will probably know more about it than your doctor because this wasn't taught in med school. 

If the pharmaceutical companies won't use garlic, the people must choose whether or not to try it for themselves. 

Many thousands of people have died because of taking pharmaceuticals as directed under the care of physicians but I don't know of anyone who was even seriously impaired by the use of garlic, even too much garlic, if there is such a thing.

First, do no harm.

Re: Crushed Raw Garlic vs. Garlic Pills 
Reply #6 by abcdeb
Posted: January 20, 2010 at 21:38
Bob, one more question for you. This may be kind of a stupid question, sorry! You've said the key is to get the garlic water into contact with the bacterial cells, and you've given examples of what to do with MRSA in the ears, nose, throat, and lungs, or you could put crushed, raw garlic directly on the lesion. Does that only work if the lesion is open and/or draining? Is that what causes the burning? My lesion never opened and drained. It made a small, hard bump, which the doctor said was my body controlling the infection. It eventually got smaller and smaller. Would putting the crushed, raw garlic not work here, because it wasn't open? Thank you!
Re: Crushed Raw Garlic vs. Garlic Pills 
Reply #7 by Garlic Sam
Posted: January 20, 2010 at 23:16

thank you for your answer. I've also read your other posts and I'm learning a lot of important things. - Garlic is amazing. 

I have had heavy inflammations of hair follicles on different parts of the body for about 10 years. The worst is my face and throat, which is completely red and covered with tiny blisters, that sometimes hurt.

I have decided to give garlic a try. From what I've read so far, I'm convinced, that I can beat my infection with garlic, if done correctly.

I will be taking garlic internally and also apply it to my skin. 
Can I ask you a few questions?

1. How many crushed cloves would you reccomend I take per day? I started my "garlic therapy" yesterday and I took 4x3cloves spread over the day. -However I'm willing to take far more, if you believe it would be beneficial
2. The way I take it, is that I first crush the cloves in a garlic press and then just gulp it down with some water. - So I do not chew the garlic. Is my way a good way to take it? - Or does it need to be chewed?
3. Before gulping down the garlic with water, would it be good to let it set for some time? - I think I read, that this way the garlic's effectiveness is increased. How long should I let it set?
4. I will be doing garlic baths. If I understand you correctly, you would crush one entire head of garlic, let it set for an hour and then put it into the bathtub. I will leave the crushed garlic inside the bathtub, while taking the bath, right? And do you think, I could use more than 1 head of garlic in the bathtub? - Probably I'll have to find that out myself.
5. When not taking a bath, I would still like to apply some garlic topically, especially onto my face and throat. What I've tried is, to crush some garlic (1-2 cloves) and mix it with Bentonite Clay and Water and then apply it to the skin. However, I have to be very careful with that, since I did burn myself. 
So I was thinking about applying garlic water onto my face and throat. How do I do that? Do I crush the garlic and put it into water, let it set for some time and then apply it? Do I only apply the water or the water with the crushed cloves? How long do I leave the cloves in the water before application. How many cloves should I use for one application?

I'm sorry for asking so many - sometimes stupid - questions. But often effective treatments don't work out, just because the person didn't do it right.

I'm looking forward to your answer and starting my garlic treatment.

Healthy greetings,
Re: Crushed Raw Garlic vs. Garlic Pills 
Reply #8 by Bob Anderson
Posted: January 21, 2010

abcdeb Posted: January 20, 2010 at 21:38 

Bob, one more question for you. This may be kind of a stupid question, sorry! You've said the key is to get the garlic water into contact with the bacterial cells, and you've given examples of what to do with MRSA in the ears, nose, throat, and lungs, or you could put crushed, raw garlic directly on the lesion. Does that only work if the lesion is open and/or draining? Is that what causes the burning? My lesion never opened and drained. It made a small, hard bump, which the doctor said was my body controlling the infection. It eventually got smaller and smaller. Would putting the crushed, raw garlic not work here, because it wasn't open? Thank you!

Abcdeb - 

I dunno. Allicin in water is transdermal and can penetrate the epidermis into the layers below but if there is a hardened nodule around the site of the infection garlic may or may not be able to penetrate the wall. Although if it is a bilipid cellular wall, I don't know why it wouldn't unless it were extra layers thick and I don't know about the liklihood of that.

Also, you can apply crushed raw garlic direct to a lesion and it will probably be very effective but there will be about a minute of extreme burning sensation before it dies away to a dull throb but in my experience, that is when the healing begins. The water cools it down and diminishes the intensity of its action but also eliminates the burning sensation. It is like pouring lemon juice into a cut - it hurts/burns fiercely but only for a little while. 

I could be wrong but I suspect the sulfenic acid is what causes the burning sensation and what burns the skin if freshly crushed garlic is left on tender or mucosal skin too long. Unfortunately, pharmaceuticaL companies do not want to do research on common garlic. 

Hope this helps.

Re: Crushed Raw Garlic vs. Garlic Pills 
Reply #9 by Bob Anderson
Posted: January 21, 2010 at 02:23
Sam - 

1 - It's hard to say how many are a dose but usually 2-3/day is adequate for maintenance but with pathology present, 4-6 sounds better to help build up your immune system. How much you use on your skin might be more important in th4e actual battle against the staph.

2 - As long as it haqs been crushed it does not need to be chewed. Since you are taking it internally, letting it set 15 - 30 minutes or more increases the available allicin and then chug-a-lugging it in a glass of water will help get some into your system, however briefly. 

3 - Yes, see 2.

4- I would do a patch test first to see if there is any adverse reaction before plunging in. I would probably start off with a whole bulb, break it up into the cloves and crush the individual cloves whole and unpeeled into a dish and let it set one hour and pour a tub of warm water and fill a pitcher about half full of the water and dump the garlic into it, swirl it around for a few seconds to thoroughly mix it up and then strain out the particulate matter so you don't have to share a tub with scratchy things and thoroughly mix the garlic into the water and hibernate in it a couple of hours being sure to totally immerse yourself a few times. Drain the tub and shower off normally. You may not sleep well that night but your next day could be pretty good.

5 – I don’t know much about or have any experience with Bentonite clay. 
You can use a hot towel compress to open up the pores of your face and then place a washcloth or handtowel soaked in garlic water of a comfortable temp (NOT hot) for a while. It’s hard to guess how long as there’s not a lot of experience with this. At any rate, if it works as well as we both hope, it’s not something you’ll have to be doing very often. 

If your problem is caused by a bacteria, garlic water should help.

The main thing is to get living garlic not irradiated garlic, which won’t work.

Re: Crushed Raw Garlic vs. Garlic Pills 
Reply #10 by Garlic Sam
Posted: January 22, 2010 at 16:47

thank you for your detailed guidelines. -I will do the treatment as you reccomend and report how it is going.


Re: Crushed Raw Garlic vs. Garlic Pills 
Reply #11 by abcdeb
Posted: January 22, 2010 at 21:44
Thank you, Bob!
I appreciate your honesty and your efforts!!
Re: Crushed Raw Garlic vs. Garlic Pills 
Reply #12 by Michelle
Posted: January 26, 2010
I totally believe in the garlic thanks for your infomation.
My question..Can I take a pure garlic oil softgel pill of 1000mg and cut it open and put it in the bath..does it have the same effect as a the raw garlic? It is made from Sundown is odorless.. If it does, how many do you think I would have to put in?..Thanks a bunch, Michelle
Re: Crushed Raw Garlic vs. Garlic Pills 
Reply #13 by Bob Anderson
Posted: January 26, 2010 at 23:25
Michelle - 

No, garlic oil capsules have no allicin and allicin is the active ingredient that has the strong antibiotic power to kill staph. 

Garlic oil and other garlic pills are good for secondary support, that is rebuilding the immune system but only crushed raw garlic has the allicin to kill the staph directly.

Re: Crushed Raw Garlic vs. Garlic Pills 
Reply #14 by michelle
Posted: January 27, 2010 at 02:09 am a person who needs I was reading above...actually this is for my son..who is 18..he has TBI..and now has you suggest to give garlic baths daily? forever?..He has beeen diagnosed since decemeber.(they couldn't get the right antibiotic).on IV vac..for 6 days, came home now with bactrium for 14 I am going to do the garlic baths :) I am also changing his eating habits as was suggested thru the older posts..sterelize the house, wearing the gloves at home..probably going overboard...thanks for writing back quickly..I was waiting in anticipation :) michelle
Re: Crushed Raw Garlic vs. Garlic Pills 
Reply #15 by Bob Anderson
Posted: January 27, 2010 at 04:57
Garlic baths are only needed until the infection goes away. If it is a skin infection or just below the epidermis, that may not be long but if it is deep inside, it becomes much harder to deal with. 

Garlic water as a spray is a good household antibacterial, it may smell a little, but remember that even the fumes are antibacterial so a garlic aroma about the house is your assurance of a hostile environment for staph not a friendly one.

Gowsala P. Sivam, Ph.D., conducted a study in the 1990s that showed that a combination of garlic and prescription meds worked better than either one by itself in treating stomach ulcers, which are caused by a bacteria (helicobacter pylori. That implies that garlic in addition to prescription meds rather than instead of prescription meds would be the way to go. 

Garlic is contra-indicated by some things, namely surgery and people with bleeder's disease. Garlic contains a strong platelet aggregation inhibitor and does not allow clotting, greatly reducing the chance of a clot, heart attack or stroke and for that reason should be discontinued a week before any scheduled surgery. If a person is already taking anti-clotting meds, they should tell their doctor so the prescription can be adjusted. Garlic is generally a better blood thinner than the pharmaceutical ones because of the lack of side effects with garlic and it is very effective at preventing clots from forming. I have seen studies that show people who regularly include garlic in their diet have fewer heart attacks and strokes than people who don't eat garlic - it's because of garlic's anti-aggretory qualities.

I’m sorry to see your 18 year old son is afflicted with TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury ?), and now MRSA.

Be very sure ‘everyone’ tending to his needs has a good understanding concerning cross contamination. It is of the utmost importance to use appropriate care when coming into contact with active MRSA lesions as drainage is a pathogenic contagion. No immunity is afforded, meaning MRSA can be spread to other sites about his body where new lesion outbreak will present. This bacteria can/does spread to others as well. *Use impeccable care if he has tracheostomy requiring routine trachea care/suctioning/breathing treatments/etc., as well as urinary catheter if this is the case. Be sure equipment is appropriately sterilized/cleaned. Gloves should be worn with conscious effort not to cross contaminate MRSA bacteria.

Also, there are volumes of information concerning immune support on forum of which he would greatly benefit. Now that he is on appropriate antibiotic that will reduce bacteria over load, you are afforded the perfect window to work on building his immune system so that it has the tools necessary to do its preprogrammed biological job of killing system invaders. Below is the write up on a product I’ve been taking for a few years now since contracting MRSA… I believe it was this product that got me on my feet and saved my life. 

[NOW® Allibiotic CF™ is scientifically designed to help support healthy seasonal and year-round immune function. This potent herbal formula is fuelled by Allisure®, a clinically-tested, safe and unique form of stabilized Allicin. Allicin is responsible for the strong immune supporting properties in garlic, and has become an increasingly popular way to promote overall wellness.

In addition to Allisure®, we've added Elderberry Extract, Olive Leaf Extract and Oregano Oil - three natural compounds that have been used extensively to provide sound immune system support. ImmunEnhancer™ is a non-digestible soluble fiber from Larch that has been included as a prebiotic supplement and helps in supporting healthy intestinal flora - a key component of immune response.*] $12.50 for 60 ct.

Worth taking a look at!

Does your son have an Infectious Disease specialist following him? Have you all attempted to decolonize both self and environment? Where are his lesions? Has he/family been nare cultured to determine carrier status?

Since he is on antibiotic therapy you would do best to learn all you can about C-diff and ways to avoid it, as acquiring this bacteria is every bit as difficult as MRSA. There is a topic on forum called prebiotics - probiotics that will help get you started on understanding some of the issues we are up against.

Prebiotics - Probiotics

We are here to help as much as possible michelle.

Best wishes,
Re: Crushed Raw Garlic vs. Garlic Pills 
Reply #18 by michelle
Posted: January 31, 2010 at 15:11
thanks for responding..I am sorry but I don't understand alot of the please bear with me in my questions.
What does decolinize self and environment mean? nar cultured? C-diff? are there different strands of MRSA?
We have an ID appointment at Childrens Hospital in Boston,MA on Tues.
Ricky, my son was diagnosed with MRSA in Dec. He had 4 lesions under his left armpit, 1 on his waist and 1 above his butt. Then, they went away, so I thought. (smile). About 2 weeks laters, he got 3 more lesions under his right armpit, 1 under his right underarm, 1 on his uper back, and 1 on his lower back. He is now on bactrim. I have been giving him garlic baths which seem to be working. Also, he is taking a vitamin 2x a day that includes fruit and vegetables. On the container it says it is a probiotic blend. Ricky does not eat vegetables and rarely eats fruits. He would rather take a pill. I am going to but a vitamin C pill. He is now eating Activa yogurt. At home I am sanitizing everything, he has his own towels, etc..wearing fear is after the antibiotic is finished that the MRSA will come back..(I am also going to look into what you suggested =--thanks) Any other suggestions...I would appreciate...
Re: Crushed Raw Garlic vs. Garlic Pills 
Reply #19 by ladyk
Posted: January 31, 2010 at 17:06
michelle -

MRSA bacteria prefers particular places on our bodies, and often lives in these particular places as they are more favorable to bacteria survival. 

Nares = nostrils. Additionally armpits, groin, buttocks, etc. are common sites on our body where MRSA colonizes. Colonize = bacteria has established a biological colony. 

Decolonize = Removing bacteria.

Here are a couple of ways we attempt to decolonize ourselves. When you are using topical care treatments such as Hibiclens antimicrobial wash 3x weekly ( ), garlic baths, etc… you are attempting to ‘decolonize’ (get rid of bacteria colony). Another common example of decolonization is using Bactroban (prescription) antibiotic ointment swirled in nares/nostrils 2x daily x5 days. 

Decolonizing/decontaminating your environment is attempted when one has contracted a pathogenic (disease causing), contagion (passed from one to another), like MRSA… which is capable of living on surfaces for extended periods of time. The reason this is important is you may decolonize one’s self, but due to the nature of MRSA could touch a hard surface for example that has the MRSA bacteria on it, and become colonized/infected all over again. 

C-diff (Clostridium Difficile)… is another bacteria that anyone ingesting antibiotics can acquire because antibiotics not only rid our bodies of ‘bad’ destructive bacteria, antibiotics also rid our bodies of ‘good’ bacteria that keep the bad bacteria in check. C-diff over population causes diarrhea (severe at times, can be bloody, up to 10 times daily, can escalate to bowel perforation if not addressed appropriately). For this reason people take probiotics to replenish the ‘good’ bacteria lost when one has been on antibiotic therapy.

Yes, staph aureus (parent to MRSA) has different strains.

I’m glad to see you have appointment with Infectious Disease specialist.

In my opinion… MRSA has colonized your son’s armpits which is a common colonization site. If he is using roll on deodorant/antiperspirant under both arms it is quite possible to ‘cross contaminate’ MRSA from one infected armpit to the other. You might look into spray. Other lesions you have described being 1 on his waist, 1 above his butt, 1 on his upper back, 1 on his lower back are more than just likely due to cross contamination… spread to other sites about his body by contaminated hands. For this reason it is important he not pick at or touch lesions under arms, as any other place he touches thereafter is likely to become contaminated with the MRSA bacteria and start a new lesion. Cover active lesions. Drainage is a contagion. Use gloves when caring for lesions, dispose of all contaminated material appropriately. Use caution yourself if you are caring for him, as bacteria can be cross contaminated to not only him at different sites about his body, it can be cross contaminated to you and others also.